How To Get More Bang For Your Buck

In today’s economy, costly overruns on graphic design projects are a luxury many companies + individuals cannot afford. Keeping within your budget is a cooperative effort between you and your graphic designer. Here are a few tips to ensure that the project goes rapidly and smoothly.

Have a Vision: Make the most of Paragon’s Design + Display’s complimentary Concept Rendering. You don’t need a detailed sketch of your idea, but having a general idea of the direction you would like your project to take will help your graphic designer provide the best possible design concept the first time around.

Provide a Clear Budget: Paragon’s designers are trained to design the best possible solution to fit within your company’s needs. Providing a clear budget before the project begins ensures the most realistic design is provided for the free initial design concept.

Be Prepared: Provide all graphic materials, written content, and a detailed budget upfront. Take the time to check all of your content over and make sure it’s exactly as you want it. Double-check all facts + figures for accuracy to avoid paying unnecessary graphic design charges.

Respond Quickly + Thoroughly: Timely responses are key to keeping costs under control. The designer works best when your project is fresh in their mind. When giving feedback on renderings, provide as much detail as possible on any changes or additions you would like. Providing as much detailed feedback as possible keeps graphic design revision costs to a minimum and ensures your project’s completion will be on time.

Follow the Timeline: Your designer is following a strict timeline outlined in your Project Agreement. Keeping revisions to a minimum and approving your project by the agreed upon date ensures that your project will be completed on time without unnecessary rush fees.