I was just getting my bearings as the new account manager here at Paragon Display when I was granted the opportunity to take on The Ark as a client. I was excited but a bit nervous due to the scope of the project that lied ahead. The club landed its current main street location back in 1996 and had maintained its original look since then. The goal now was to enhance the interior space with an updated concession area, listening room, and of course the featured artist photographs that lined the hallway walls.

The project began with Emily Ross – The Ark’s Production and Facilities Director having to take down and sort through the numerous images that were currently hanging on the walls. The challenge then became which images to reuse, which to scan and resize, and which to fully retouch and print from scratch. Oh, and did I mention how to keep track of 170 different artist images or what new frames where going to be used? Picking out a single frame to hang a family photo in your home is nothing, choosing a frame that compliments all 170 artist images can easily become an arduous task.

Nevertheless, we persisted; we developed a system to keep all the old and new artist photographs categorized. One by one each image was carefully reframed and set aside into its delegated gallery wall grouping. By February 1st, 2017 we were ready for install! What really helped things go seamlessly were the handy templates our finishing department created; after all, this isn’t our first rodeo.

There’s a lot to be accounted for with large installations like these – wall size, ceiling height, hand rails just to name a few. The templates allowed us to essentially put stickers on the wall that represented the sizes of the frames and their exact placement. The beauty with this technique was that it allowed us, and The Ark to see what each gallery arrangement would look like before the actual frames were hung.

By the end of a three day install, all the artist photographs had a new home. The last piece of the puzzle was adding the vinyl quotes which perfectly intertwined within each gallery wall. Whether it be a single word on the wall or a direct passage from Judy Collins – “I love here”, to all old friends and new that find themselves at the club, that’s the feeling we hope the space evokes.

We’d like to give a special thanks to everyone at The Ark who trusted us to recreate their vision, we know there were countless hours and long nights that went into the planning. We hope the new look of the club will be enjoyed by all for years to come!