By Bill Van Cleve

Creating a full-fledged marketing plan involves several elements, which when combined, will give you the results your companies’ strategic plan is looking for. Social Media, blog articles, support materials for your sales staff, radio, television, industrial magazines, and weekly journals; these are all tried-and-true, straight-forward marketing strategies. They all take time and a conscious, repeated schedule to turn into sales. If you have a brick-and-mortar office or plant, then you will want to combine these marketing strategies with another important marketing element, interior décor.

Education, health care, and corporate identities need to create a “branding” for their company, which starts when a client enters your door.

Let’s look at a brief list of décor goals:

  1. Corporate name and logo. This is the most basic of all branding, creating a look that is repeated and forms a lasting impression with your clients.
  2. Historical timeline. Everyone is interested in how a company has evolved. Give your clients a sense of working with an experienced firm, a feeling of permanence, a leader in the industry.
  3. Achievement boards. Do a little bragging, let your clients know that you are the “best” in your field.
  4. Employee profiles. Make your staff known, warm things up for your client, and shout out their achievements.
  5. Art. Artwork does not have to reflect your business specifically. Surround your lobby with warmth, beauty and success. Custom-made wallpaper displaying a classic art piece, framed prints, three- dimensional displays, or hanging banners are all great options.
  6. Donor boards. Note those who have contributed to your company efforts.
  7. Contributions. If you help support solid non-profit causes, tell your customers about it.
  8. What we do. Let your clients see the products you produce or the services you render. Do not be shy. Show them off with big wide-format prints, large canvas prints, or gallery- or museum-wrapped prints. Don’t be afraid to show off the actual product by creating a three-dimensional display.
  9. New Products. Promote your latest and greatest, show off new products and services. Yell it out.