Say you’re opening a new franchise or retail outlet. Have you ever wondered how to get your interior wall and window décor to meet corporate design standards? Paragon Design + Display has designed, built, and installed graphics and signage for many franchises throughout the Midwest, helping stores ensure they follow branding requirements, attract customers to a brand they’re familiar with and trust, and engage visitors to buy. Whether you’re opening a new store or updating your seasonal selection signs, we can produce pretty much anything for your store walls and windows.

Here are 7 must-have graphics your new store should have and that we can help you print so that you’re ready to meet your customers’ demands!

1. Window Graphics


With the advent of wide format digital printing and the introduction of many new printable materials, window graphics have become a colorful and fun way to attract visitors from a distance and invite people into your store. We can print your message and graphics on perforated one-way window vinyl to produce a see-through image that can attract attention and increase store traffic. The 70% printable area, 30% open area pattern, and 1.5 mm sized holes produce prints that are eye-catching to outside viewers but don’t obstruct window visibility for customers inside the building.

2. Counter Signs


A great location for alerting customers to new items on the menu or promotional deals is the sales counter. By placing small, colorful signs in front of the customers, you can attract them to products that they might otherwise overlook. We usually print your design directly to styrene and router the sign to any shape you need.

3. Framed Prints


Framed prints are a very traditional way to approach interior store décor. Over the years we have provided framed prints to restaurants, fast food chains, car dealer ships, hospitals, universities, museums, and corporate offices. Beautiful images properly framed add a more refined look of quality and style to any environment. We can help you pick out the image you want printed from our catalog of fine art and photographs and deliver the framed art to your location, or you can send us the artwork and we’ll give it back to you framed!

4. Wallpaper


The newest trend in interior store decoration is wall art which includes custom wallpaper,
murals, canvas and wrapped prints. Custom wallpaper can be produced using your own images and designs or picked from a huge catalog of online images. Printed on a re-positional adhesive backed vinyl with our eco-friendly latex ink printers, stunning “feature walls” help create a unique environment for your customers. The low-tack adhesive also makes the wallpaper incredibly easy to install and remove, and keep clean.

Murals can do the same on a smaller scale. Rather than covering whole walls, murals can be installed in numerous different places in your location to create a pop of creativity that is fun and appealing to your audiences.

5. Canvas Wall Art

4. Restaurant_v3

Canvas and wrapped wall art is the hottest new take on the traditional framed prints. Canvas prints can simulate the appearance of fine art and wrapped prints are a more contemporary and cost effective way to decorate a room. Send us your images or select from our own repository of images and we can create beautifully printed works of art that will sure to make your walls stand out.

6. Back-lit Menu Boards and Cooler Graphics

Back-lit graphics are a very effective and eye-catching way to display your menus and promote various items for sale. The menu board graphics are printed on a translucent paper and mounted inside a frame, then lit with LED lights. Cooler graphics are directly printed onto window cling material and can be easily applied or changed out when necessary.

7. 3D Logos and Signs


With our production capabilities, we can create layered, 3D logos and interior signage to enhance the look of any restaurant or retail outlet. Acrylics, metal, and wood are just a few of the materials we use to build these layered displays. Our in-house graphic designers have collaborated with a variety of clients create these unique displays, including restaurants, retail stores, animal shelters, hospitals, corporate offices, and more.

Zoup-catalog-packageLooking to open a lot of stores and want to make sure everyone gets the same package of graphics? We can put together a “store opening” package for you! If you’ve ever been to a Zoup! restaurant, you’ve probably noticed their unique menu board, counter signs next to their soups, and the classy wallpaper and wall art. Almost all of their wall and window graphics were produced by us. First opened in Southfield, MI in 1998, Zoup! has since expanded to over 100 stores in the US and Canada. We’ve collaborated with their store planners and designers to create a catalog of all the graphics and signage to decorate their Zoup! stores. When a new Zoup! franchise is being built, we produce a “store opening” package that includes all required signs and graphics, and ship it to the new location.

We can create a similar pre-made package for your business! We’ll sit down with your planners and designers, design an aesthetic and look that fits your branding, and update the signs as your business offerings change. Then it is as easy as giving us a call to have our experts send the new store everything they need to be successful.

So what is your business waiting for? Give us a call and we’ll collaborate with you to add some flair to your store’s interior décor.