In the fall of 2016, Paragon Design + Display embarked on yet another major display project. This time it was exterior signage for the Lost Railway Museum of Grass Lake, Michigan. The building the museum now occupies was formerly known as Troy’s Tool Box, which at one time was an auto repair shop. When we began working with the Museum’s lead designer, Joanne Ackerman, the building was undergoing substantial renovations.

Walking into heavy construction zones with drywall being installed and dust kicking up may make most people uneasy but it is something we deal with on a regular basis. Our job is to help our clients visualize the end result amidst the chaos of renovations and construction. Fortunately, the exterior of the building was coming together nicely and would be ready for installation in the coming months.  

The following six months were focused on the completion of construction, reviewing our measurements, selecting images, and waiting for winter to turn to spring and spring to summer. Since each of the signs were around eleven feet wide by eight feet tall the biggest challenge was finding original images from the appropriate era that could be enlarged but still maintain a high enough resolution. Luckily the museum committee had resources and various historians on their side who helped with the image hunt. We ran multiple “mag” tests which means we would take sections of each image and print them at size so we could see if they would become overly pixelated deeming them unusable. There were quite a few rounds of this before we nailed down the final selection.

Before we knew it the July grand opening was almost here. Braving the Michigan summer heat, our four man install team got everything up in time for the July 1st grand opening! We’ve been delighted to hear all the positive feedback from the museum committee and Grass Lake residents alike. We even made the front page of the Grass Lake Times!

For more information on the Lost Railway Museum please visit their website and Facebook page.

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