By Bill Van Cleve

Paragon Design + Display has had a long-standing relationship with Team Detroit, now GTB, regarding the production of Ford/Lincoln promotions. The Mustang has a long history with Ford aficionados and holds a special place in their automotive design. The Mustang is the pride of Ford research and design and is one of the remaining lines of sedans that Ford is committed to.

Wall mural for commercial buildingWorking with the wonderful graphic designers at GTB we created a wall mural that spans 80 feet along a curved hallway leading to the lunch hall. The vibrant colors used by GTB makes this wall graphic a piece of art that cannot be ignored. We used a low tack vinyl printed in 4 feet by 8 feet sections matched so precisely that there are no visible seams; it looks like one continuous graphic of mustangs moving down the hallway. True of most buildings we install in, there is no such thing as a totally square wall. This is where our installation team shows its years of experience. Professional application, special cutting and minute adjustments to the vinyl will make a project look perfect.

When it comes time to change this graphic, the low tack vinyl will allow us to take the graphic down without damaging the wall. We are proud of the work we do and will always stand behind both the quality of the printed materials and the installation.