Hockeytown Cafe Restroom Interior Design

Hockeytown is a busy place with a busy restroom. Graffiti kept being a problem for the owners, so Paragon came up with a solution. Portray the NHL Stanley Cup winners , Detroit Red Wings, along with our coveted pennant winning Detroit tigers in a mural that covers the entire bathroom complex. Our graphic designers created an award winning design and our technicians produced the wallpaper with a “graffiti-proof” coating on it. “Metro Times” magazine called this Detroit’s #1 restroom, a dubious title but nevertheless one we are proud of.

About the Client

Hockeytown Cafe

One of Detroit’s small theater gems, the intimate City Theatre is located in the heart of Foxtown Entertainment District inside Hockeytown Cafe, next to the fabulous Fox Theatre. This 430-seat theater has the unique atmosphere of an off-Broadway house, right in the heart of the Motor City, and hosts concerts, plays, comedy shows and more.

Skill Involved


  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Production Design + Engineering
  • Complete Fabrication
  • Professional Installation