Michigan Theater Screening Room Design

The Michigan theater expanded with a second screen in the “screening room”. Dark wood paneled walls needed something to tie in with the community. We created a historical three dimensional skyline of old Ann Arbor. Using historical shots printed on a gator board and custom routed out we mounted all of these past historical building on the wood overhang around the entire room. We backlit each one of the buildings so they could be easily seen and identified. Fun for all of the older patrons as they sit and wait for their movie to come on.

About the Client

The Michigan Theater

The Michigan Theater is a movie palace in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. It shows independent films, stage productions and musical concerts. The Michigan Theater is the current home of the annual Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Symphony, the Ann Arbor Concert Band, and Dandia Dhamaka, and has been named 2006 Outstanding Historic Theatre by the League of Historic American Theaters. The theater also hosts a series of children’s stage productions entitled “Not Just For Kids” and a concert series entitled “The Legends of Rock & Roll.”.

Skill Involved


  • Production Design + Engineering
  • Complete Fabrication
  • Professional Installation