UM Football Schembechler Hall Wall Decor

Schembechler Hall underwent an almost complete building renovation in 2014 that included the demolition and then the rebuilding of their museum and the exterior facade.

Inside the Hall, beyond the museum, Paragon was responsible for nearly all the wall decor found in the team rooms and hallways. Hard-panels printed with historical collages and edge-lit achievement displays ringed the central hub of coaches offices and team meeting rooms.

A display honoring all of the University of Michigan Football alumni who made it to the NFL was located in the center of the main hallway. That is flanked by a current and a historical captains display, and an impressive six foot tall solid metal faced block “M” that glowed “Maize”

This latter display is located at the landing of a long ramp that joins the first and second floors at Schembechler hall, and can clearly be seen from the farthest end of the building, with its intense edge-lit glow falling on a timeless, larger-than-life photo of a historic victory. It is a centerpiece that underscores the historic and proud tradition and embodies the spirit of UM Football.

About the Client

University of Michigan Football

The Michigan Wolverines football program represents the University of Michigan in college football at the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision level.

Skill Involved


  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Production Design + Engineering
  • Complete Fabrication
  • Professional Installation