Sweet City Nameplate & Plexiglass Display

Sweet City embodies the essence of candy with bold, colorful imagery. This project involves a CNC routed custom metal nameplate with flatbed-printed images on durable plexiglass.

Sweet City’s unique presence requires a bold and eye-catching display to attract customers of all ages, with durable materials to withstand high-traffic areas. The client worked with our experienced Account Managers to choose the best materials and print method to create the most cost effective and lasting display possible.

About the Client

Sweet City

Known as Sweet City, this Detroit-based business is targeted toward everyone—mall visitors between the ages of 4 and 80. Products are merchandised in self-service vending machines in kiosks located at 58 shopping centers scattered across the country.

Skill Involved


  • Production Design + Engineering
  • Complete Fabrication
  • Professional Installation