UM Hockey Yost Ice Arena Glass Display & Timeline Design

UM Hockey engaged us to create Informational displays at 13 locations inside the to-be newly restored Yost Ice Arena. Gone from the aging structure are the full window coverings, replaced by new, state-of-the art glass. Paragons contribution to this historic building was (13) large collage-type displays, highlighting this buildings storied past. Four locations were devoted to images and descriptions of past eras, including its construction and grand opening, it’s multiple usage start, complete with boxing, track and basketball events held within its brick walls, to it’s current hockey era, and finally, it’s re-dedication/renovation. The final display was completed one year later using images from its re-dedication year. In addition to the historical panels, there were championship, Stanley Cup winners, NHL inductees, and Hall of Fame displays. Also, ceilings above the concourse stairs leading to the ice rink seating were also created for Hobey Baker award winners, an ESPN “espy” winner, and other milestones that are part of Yost’s illustrious past. The designs were made to act as a historical timeline along with achievements and general University of Michigan Hockey information. We created dynamic collages that were kept mostly flat / close to the wall to minimize damage due to these high traffic areas, but had multiple surface sections that wedded glossy and matte surfaces to add dimension in a tight area.

About the Client

Yost Ice Arena

U of M Hockey has called the Yost Ice Arena as it’s home since 1973. Before that, it was a multi-use facility, built in 1923. It was fully gutted and renovated in the summer of 2012.

Skill Involved


  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Production Design + Engineering
  • Complete Fabrication
  • Professional Installation