By Daniel Gagnon

Most exhibitors haven’t any idea of why they choose to exhibit at one trade show or event versus another. Many will tell you that they exhibit at a show because their competition will be there. This isn’t a very scientific way of choosing the best events to showcase their products at. Besides looking at the anticipated show attendance you need to match the audience who will be attending to the type of products that you will be introducing to the marketplace.

If, for example, your company is introducing a new product that is used in the Aerospace industry you will need to do your homework and select a show that is centered in an area such as the West Coast or in New England that has many aerospace product shops situated. Some show events are of a national or international in scope where many magazine editors cover these events. Your PR department can then jump on providing press releases and possibly setting up for a product interest story that could be tied into a new product introduction at this event. With this approach, you would then maximize your promotional coverage.

Some show events have a very poor return of good quality sales leads. It is at these events you would not want to spend lots of your marketing dollars on, as the return on investment would be very low. Sales lead numbers do not always imply the success of a show event; it is the quality of leads that will earmark the value of the event. Always set up parameters when judging the yearly show schedule and the amount of dollars that are appropriately budgeted for each event. Remember successful show selection comes from doing your homework and then praying that you have done your best effort in choosing the selected show events.