By Gerry Snyder

One of the hot new trends in branding and decor is the application of printed graphics on glass and windows. A popular material to use is adhesive-backed perforated media which allows customers to view through the window from the inside, while from the outside only the printed graphic is visible. The size of the perforated holes in the material determines the transparency. For instance, vehicle window graphics require a fair amount of transparency, therefore the ratio of material to perforations is 50/50. For building interior and exterior windows up to 80/20 can be used; this means 80 percent of the material is printed and 20 percent is open.

For applications where visibility is not desired, non-perforated adhesive-backed vinyl film is the preferred material. Clear film allows us to print your graphic designs with full opacity or mostly translucent.

Frosted films are an option that create an etched look to glass. These films are typically used for privacy in offices, hospitals, and homes. Patterns are available and designs can be cut out of the materials, such as logos and inspirational quotes.

Ideal for short-term indoor and outdoor applications, static cling media is ideal for window advertising, POP, and any kind of temporary signage. And unlike window perf and adhesive backed vinyl, static cling is easy to apply and remove no glue or tape needed.

Window graphics are great for advertising and decor. With the variety of media options, it’s certain there is a solution for your particular environment.